Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control


Convert your mobile phone into a remote control for your PC


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Nowadays, next to all mobile phones feature Bluetooth technology and Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control takes advantage of that technology to convert your phoneinto a remote control.

It's a good alternative to Salling Clicker and it allows you to use programs like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player or Winamp using the mobile keyboard.

The application is divided into two parts: a server and a client. The server must be installed in the computer, while the client has to be instaled on your phone. If you own a Nokia mobile phone , we recommend you to use Nokia PC Suite to install it.

It allows you to use the phone as a keyboard, mouse, use applications and configure utilities. You choose what you want to do without having to get up from the sofa.

Control your PC from anywhere in the room thanks to bluetooth capabilites.

How to install Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control?

You'll find a .JAR file in the folder you will download. Copy that file to your mobile. That's the client you will use.

It requires Windows SP1 and Java 1.6 or higher.